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We have the most experienced and highly certified team of consultants in Denmark - together we have completed some of the largest and most complex telephony implementations in Denmark and abroad. Our competences are very broad, while having the most certified consultants in the country for the very core – Microsoft Teams and/or Skype for Business – we also carry certifications for a number of platforms, and knowledgewise we cover the entire range of 3rd party products like Contact centers, switchboards, wallboards etc. – where we also have solid partnerships with a large number of suppliers on the market.

On Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business, we can also offer emergency agreements, where we ensure your company direct access to certified telephony experts, who can ensure that you get back on the air quickly with the critical telephony. Not a generalist shift, but a shift with specialists.

We also have extensive experience with contact center construction. We can act as the customer's man in connection with specification of requirements and evaluation of solutions, or we can participate in the needs analyzes leading up to the project, as well as of course the actual implementation and anchoring in the company.

We deliver solutions within

✓ Microsoft Teams

✓ The AudioCodes suite

✓ Ribbon SBC’s

✓ Call center

✓ Wallboards

✓ Switchboards

✓ Advice on meeting rooms

✓ The customer's man at the table with 3rd party solutions

Project examples

✓ Skype for Business to Teams migration

✓ Contact center consolidations

✓ Teams Enterprise Voice

✓ Decommissioning of legacy PBX

✓ Requirements specification for the Contact Center

✓ Needs analyses

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