Who are we?

Take a look at our consultants and get an idea of our areas of expertise!

Kent Rifbjerg Erichsen

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Thomas Juhl Olesen

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Jacob Laue Petersen

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Morten Kjær Klyhn

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Thomas Stefan Laursen

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Torsten Egebirk

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Carsten Lund Meilbak

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Thomas Forsmark Sørensen

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Carsten Hagedorn Midtgaard

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Peter Kjær

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Søren Fleron

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Jacob Thingholm

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Henrik Skovgaard

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We make a difference

Arkimentum's philosophy and basic idea is to bring together the consultants who can make a difference for our customers and thus the projects or tasks they are involved in. We believe that we can create positive change for customers by bringing our strengths into play and thereby lifting the projects or teams we are part of. We never give up and deliver the heavy sparring for your projects.

Many years of experience

Our consultants are experienced and aged profiles in their fields, who have many years of experience from large projects with clients of all sizes. Our method is to approach all tasks and challenges critically and honestly, we have achieved the greatest successes when we enter into a collaboration with internal resources, which thereby achieves a competence boost and solutions are thereby better anchored within the customers organization.