Today, high demands are placed on your Directory. Today's threat landscape demands an even more secure platform, and requirements from personal data regulations, audits and the like place greater demands on data quality. Our consultants at Arkimentum have over many years built up knowledge of how to do this in the best possible way. We believe it's about finding the right balance between "safe" and "usable".

We want to ensure that your "cradle-to-grave" handling of users works optimally. We have our toolbox filled with experience, as well as both good and simple tools for this.

We want to ensure that your data quality is good AND stays good. This is achieved with simple "rules" for how objects are created, maintained and decommissioned. But it also requires a continuous and automatic control of data, to ensure you are "compliant" with your own and external rules. Here, too, we have the tools ready.

Your Directory is probably handling security for a wide range of subsystems. This in itself is a significant argument for creating a secure Directory structure. There are many ways to secure a Directory, and especially here the balance between "secure" and "usable" is important. Our most important task is to create a common understanding of how weaknesses in a directory structure can be exploited maliciously and how we can avoid them. Arkimentums consultants work with the principles of role-based administration, tiering and the Enterprise Access Model.

Directories and their use are not status quo. For many years, we have been used to On-prem AD being the primary directory used for identity management. Later, Azure AD was added, and now suddenly you also had to deal with the fact that here too were identities that needed to be secured and maintained. There is no doubt where this is going in the future. An increasing part of identity management, security and user authentication will take place online via Azure AD. This places new demands on the processes for handling – especially security must be prioritized and be in focus.

Project examples

Building up-to-date security models

Optimization of onboarding and offboarding processes in interaction with HR systems

Security review of existing Directories

Automated data quality checks

Restructuring of Directories, e.g. by implementing Tiering

Cleanup – identification of "dead" objects

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