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The world today has fundamentally been changed by a global pandemic, which has changed the way we look at the workplace. At the same time, many cloud solutions have emerged which provide completely new opportunities for managing the devices and data used in the workplace. In our world, this goes from the flexible workforce who must be able to access company data from their own device, to the permanent employee who always works on a fully managed company PC. Administration of the units themselves. The security of the devices and not least of the company data they can each access is an area in which we have highly experienced consultants.

Microsoft Endpoint Manager (+ co management)

MEMCM (formerly SCCM) is the ultimate MS solution for handling all Endpoints. The solid on-premise solution, but also with the option of co-management so you connect Microsoft 365 Cloud. Here you get the full administration solution which, unlike Intune/autopilot, i.a. can also deliver OS to servers and clients without existing OS. It is the modern and scalable administration solution that brings together AL device administration – Defender for Endpoints, co-management, MAM and MDM.


Configuration and control of security on all types of devices. This does not only apply to mobile devices, but in principle to all the devices an end user uses. In addition to general administration, Intune can be used to roll out software and apps and be used to manage, for example, BitLocker, firewall and antivirus.

Windows Autopilot

With Windows Autopilot, laptops or PCs can be very easily installed and connected to the company's infrastructure (cloud or on-premise). If Autopilot is combined with Intune and possibly Co-management in the Endpoint manager, machines can thus be installed and managed without having to go past the IT department.

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