Søren Fleron

sfl@arkimentum.com | +45 40 93 94 94


I am driven by making a difference in communication within companies. From ensuring the technology works to training CEOs to include virtual participants.

With 22 years of experience in communication, I can offer assistance in making the entire digital communication of a company function effectively. The range is wide, from Microsoft Teams, meeting room equipment, sound and acoustics, simple control, stability, implementation, and training for better digital meetings.

The goal is good communication and a secure and stable platform throughout the company.

My experience includes

Deployment of Skype for Business with Polycom integration in all meeting rooms at Arla Foods, Energinet, Ecco, Lego, and others. This includes technical implementation, preparation for deployment, user training, service, and support.

Teams deployment in meeting rooms and integrations to Teams (Poly Clariti) at Energinet, NKT, Region Hovedstaden, Lemvigh MĂĽller, and others.

22 years in the AV industry with extensive knowledge of Microsoft / Poly and the entire AV segment.



Crestron Silver Progammer

Infocomm CTP

Poly CVE og VideoPro


Poly infrastructure

Poly Lens provisioning / Administration

Microsoft Server infrastructure

Network (QoS, DHCP options mm.)

Microsoft Teams for Android and Windows


Choosing AV solutions for larger meeting rooms

Speaker experience

Teams and Skype for Business user days

Lectures for NetNordic about the modern workplace and how we attract new relevant employees

Training organizations in both Teams and Video Conferencing